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The estate holds fishing rights over stretches of the Roughy and Slaheny rivers.


The Roughy river is approximately 20 miles long and drains a catchment of 78 square miles. At most water levels the Roughty is an enjoyable class 3-4 run suitable for mixed ability groups

Salmon use both of these rivers for spawning. The best time to fish for Salmon is between the 15th of March and the 30th of September.

Brown Trout are also to be found and come into season from the 15th of March to the 12th of October.


For the last number of years the fishing rights have been annually leased out to the Kilgarvan Roughty Anglers, but is available to guestS of Sillahertane House.


Both rivers offer excellent fishing, although fly-fishing is very challenging due to the amount of trees and other vegetation along the banks of the rivers.